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IMG_0976Facing Federal Criminal Charges

Nothing is more frightening than when you are the target of a federal criminal investigation. According to the Administrative Office of the United States Courts, the total number of federal defendants has more than doubled since 1990. This huge increase in defendants is largely the result of the growth in the number of federal criminal laws which trap more and more people every year.

The federal government with all of its resources also enjoys an extremely high conviction rate. Annually there are approximately 100,000 guilty pleas in the federal criminal system. Today, approximately 97% of federal criminal indictments are now resolved by a plea bargain and guilty plea.

Mandatory federal sentencing guidelines also add to the risk of going to trial. Charges are often stacked to increase the potential sentence the defendant will face. The federal criminal system actually encourages prosecutors to charge an individual with as many counts as possible to force the the defendant to plead guilty to a lesser offense. This is one of many reasons that fewer and fewer of those who are charged with crimes are able to actually exercise their constitutional right to a jury trial.

For all of these reasons, selecting the right lawyer when facing a serious criminal charges is critically important to your future.

Mississippi Criminal Defense Lawyers

If you are the target of a federal investigation or indictment, choosing your lawyer is the most important decision you will ever make. Our lawyers are committed to providing you with the best criminal defense representation and advice possible. We will work with you from the start to minimize the total costs and expenses while providing the most effective representation possible.

If you you have not been indicted but are being actively investigated for wrongdoing, we will work with the investigators to avoid indictment and where appropriate to get the best plea deal possible. If your case is ultimately one that will have to go to trial, then we will vigorously and aggressively defend you against all of the charges.

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