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As a first time DUI offender, you usually have the option of participating in a non-adjudication program and ultimately clearing your record. Under this program, you plead guilty to the charge. However, the judgment is withheld and the sentence is deferred for a period of time to allow you to complete certain conditions set by the court.

To qualify for non-adjudication:

  • You must be a first time offender.
  • You cannot have previously had a non-adjudication.
  • You did not refuse the DUI test.

If you are eligible for non-adjudication, you are typically required to:

  • Pay a $250.00 non-adjudication fee.
  • Pay all fines and assessments as if you were convicted.
  • Complete the Mississippi Alcohol Safety Education Program.
  • Accept a 120 days driver’s license suspension or install an interlock ignition device on your vehicle.

If you complete the program without any intervening violations, your case is dismissed. With the dismissal of your case, you have the right to have the charge expunged.  

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