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Business Insurance Disputes

Commercial insurance policies are written in complicated language that is difficult to understand. Just trying to figure out what is covered by your different policies is often difficult. Moreover, when you have a claim it can be hard to tell if the if the insurance company is paying you the right amount under your policy.

At Danks, Miller & Cory, we understand the additional losses that can result from a protracted insurance claim. We have experience helping large and small businesses quickly resolve coverage issues and other disputes so that you can get paid.

Insurance Coverage Lawsuits

In those situations where your insurance company has unreasonably delayed or denied your business insurance claim, we will aggressively pursue your insurance claim in court. We have successfully litigated a wide range of business insurance disputes against some of the largest insurance companies in the United States.

Helping Mississippians

If you believe your insurance company has wrongly delayed or denied your business claim, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your legal options with you. Contact us online or call 601-957-3101.