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Excessive Force

Most law enforcement officers carry out their duties with respect and in compliance with the law. However, there are exceptions. Some well publicized examples of police misconduct include: a policeman using a Taser on an 8 year old girl; police using excessive force and destroying evidence; Deming, police conducting an anal probe following a routine traffic stop; or a highway patrol officer beating a deaf man for disobeying orders he could not hear.

If you have been the victim of serious misconduct by a law enforcement officer, including excessive use of force, falsified evidence or confession, intimidation or racial profiling, then one of our lawyers can assist you in filing a formal complaint with the Department of Justice (or the appropriate police disciplinary board) and when necessary help you with filing a civil lawsuit against the responsible officer or department. In addition to holding law enforcement accountable, you may also be entitled to financial compensation depending on the nature of your injuries and extent of the misconduct.

Experienced Mississippi Police Misconduct Attorneys

Cases involving allegations of police misconduct require extensive research and investigation. To successfully pursue these type of claims, you need a lawyer who is committed to protecting your rights. The lawyers at Danks, Miller & Cory have the legal expertise necessary to successfully represent clients in police misconduct claims.

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