Breach of Contract Claims

1 31 14 140What is a Breach of Contract?

A breach of contract claim arises when someone does not fulfill a contractual promise or obligation. For a breach of contract to be actionable, the breach must be material or substantial.

What damages are available?

You may file a lawsuit to recover all damages caused by the breach.

In certain situations, you may also have a right to compel performance. This is known as a claim for specific performance. This claim involves asking the court to make the other side do what they agreed. Specific performance is an alternative remedy to awarding compensatory damages and is most often seen in land disputes.

Other remedies for breach of contract include:

  • Compensatory damages — money to reimburse costs and compensate for losses.
  • Liquidated damages – an amount of money damages specified in the contract.
  • Punitive damages — money awarded as punishment for bad conduct.
  • Attorney’s fees – money for legal costs if expressly provided for in the contract.
  • Rescission — a request to void or cancel the contract (as if the breach never happened).

Business relationships do not always turn out as expected. Whether your contract dispute involves an employment agreement, a service agreement, a purchase agreement, or some other contractual relationship, we have the experience to protect your interests.

Contract Lawyers

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