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Mississippi Alcohol Laws
Changes to the DUI law

In its first 2014 Session, the Mississippi State Legislature passed a new law regarding the non-adjudication of the first offense of driving under the influence (DUI). A DUI 1st can be non-adjudicated, meaning that the defendant pleads guilty but it is not deemed guilty by the court. Thus, there will be no conviction.

The driver will have to attend and successfully complete an alcohol safety education course as a requirement of non-adjudication. A person is eligible for non-adjudication only one time.

Expunging a DUI now easier

Another change to the law effective July 1, 2014, is that anyone convicted of a first offense DUI prior may have it expunged, so long as certain standards are met. Our lawyers have experience handling expungments for clients in Jackson, Mississippi as well as across central Mississippi.



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No open container state statute

In Mississippi there is no state statute which prohibits drivers and passengers from consuming alcoholic beverages while inside a vehicle. Drivers and passengers should still be cautious about consuming alcohol while operating a vehicle because that would likely provide police officers with probable cause to stop the driver for the suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. Also, while having an open container is not against state law, individual counties, cities, and towns often pass ordinances which make it illegal.

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