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Water Damage Insurance Claims

Water damage to your home or business is expensive and disruptive. Most insurance policies do not cover damage caused by flood. Flood coverage primarily comes from a separate policy issued through the National Flood Insurance Program.

Your insurance policy may cover water damage caused by the negligence of another person, or sudden and accidental water damage from a plumbing, heating, or air-conditioning system. If you have water damage, it is important to review and understand the coverage provided by all of your insurance policies.

Making a claim

After you notify the insurance company, you should immediately take whatever steps you can to prevent further damage. You should also begin documenting your insurance claim. You need to take photographs and video of what you do and of all damaged property. Do not rely on your insurance company to adequately document your loss.

After any significant loss, read your insurance policies carefully to make sure you know what coverage you have. If the loss is covered, the insurance company is normally obligated to make repairs with materials of like kind and quality to the original.

Mississippi Insurance Disputes

Commercial and business insurance claims can be complex. Just figuring out what you need to get your business back in operation can be difficult. Unfortunately, it is not unusual to have disagreements with your insurance company over things like: (1) whether items should be repaired or replaced; (2) the best way to re-mediate the loss; (3) the amount of business income lost; (4) compensation for key employees; and (5) whether the loss itself is a covered loss.

Insurance companies sometimes minimize the actual damage in order to pay as little as possible. If you have any doubt that the insurance company is being fair, you should consider seeking help from an experienced insurance attorney.

At Danks, Miller & Cory we can help you properly document and prove your insurance claim. We will help you make the right decisions that will get your business back to normal as soon as possible. Finally, we can help negotiate with the insurance company to make sure you get all benefits your are due.

Experienced Mississippi Attorneys

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