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Setting Up Your Business

Starting a business requires thoughtful planning. The decisions you make today will set the course for your future success. We have helped business owners across Mississippi with start-up and restructuring issues. Whether you are building a convenience store, starting a restaurant, or any other business, we have the legal experience to help you.

Business Acquisition

There are generally two ways to purchase a business – stock purchase or asset purchase.

A stock purchase occurs when you buy an existing company. In a stock sale, the acquired company and its operations remain intact. Only the ownership changes. You assume existing liabilities and contractual obligations. With an asset purchase, you are only purchasing the assets. This means you will file a separate tax return and keep separate records from the selling company. 

There are pros and cons to either choice.  We have the experience to help you make the best choice and guide you through the process through the closing.    

Choosing the Corporate Structure

You have choices when it comes to selecting the best business structure for your organization. Therefore, it is important for you to understand the different entities that are available. We will meet with you to discuss your vision for your company and help you determine which type of entity is best for you. These choices include:

Business Services

Once your business is up and running, we will continue to provide the legal services you need for your business to be successful.

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